Wealth Planning

We rely on a variety of tools to help our clients maintain order and perspective – the most important are a financial plan and a personal wealth/document organizer. We’re more likely to reach our destination if we know where we’re trying to go. A financial plan, like a budget, need not be viewed as a tool of constraint. It provides a baseline for course corrections and adjustments. Optimally, a financial plan can be a springboard for dreams and aspirations, as well as a platform for keeping us in touch with reality. Our advisory team develops customized plans designed to address the present as well as the future.

Where a financial plan is helpful in providing context of where we are headed, the Personal Wealth Organizer (PWO) is a source of clarity for capturing where we stand today. Our lives are complex. The PWO is a central location for all the elements making up our financial lives – from the esoteric, like an individual or family mission statement, to the essential, such as key contacts and passwords. Many financial advisors avoid assisting in their creation because it’s time consuming. We believe it can be an essential reference tool for personal clarity and, perhaps more importantly, our loved ones.

Investment Management

Each client and their journey are unique. Resources and risk tolerances vary; we tailor our investment allocations and portfolios to match your objectives and time frame. We take a proactive approach to managing risk and volatility, diversifying portfolios across asset classes including cash, fixed income, equities, and alternatives. We aim to maximize tax efficiency and minimize cost, delivering solutions that are easy to understand, while acknowledging the depth and breadth of complex capital markets. Our investment approach is predicated on the following: 


  • Diversification among multiple asset classes
  • Consideration of different styles and strategies within asset classes
  • Implementing active and passive strategies
  • Making strategic and tactical adjustments to remain in line with client objectives

Tax Planning

Including an effective tax strategy as part of your overall wealth and estate plan may help you maximize your savings and reach your financial goals. We offer an experienced, in-house tax team that understands the latest regulatory issues and tax law changes to create tax efficient strategies for you designed to minimize your tax burden. This includes:


  • Proactive, creative tax analysis and year-round planning
  • Implementation of multi-state tax strategies including residency and domicile
  • Representation and support for IRS and state tax audits
  • Bookkeeping and family office services


Income protection strategies can help you protect your family now and in the future.  A comprehensive financial plan should include insurance solutions such as life and property and casualty insurance.  We collaborate with an experienced insurance team to help you evaluate solutions and recommend options to fit your family’s needs.  This includes:


  • Asset and income protection strategies
  • Analysis of major insurance companies and product recommendations
  • Life insurance audits and Long-term care expense mitigation
  • Estate tax elimination strategies

    Trust Services

    As you think about providing for your family for generations to come, you might consider establishing a trust.  We work with you to help minimize taxes and maximize your potential wealth transfer and charitable contributions.  Our goal is to help ensure your wishes are seen to fruition.  This may include:


    • Review and advice on trust documents
    • Charitable planning and gifting strategies
    • Generation-skipping wealth transfer strategies
    • Self-settled trusts for asset protection and efficient distribution

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