Our Approach

“Great things are done by a series of small things done together.” 

– Vincent Van Gogh

Pursuing Meaningful Alpha. 

Investment professionals use the term alpha to describe excess return over an index or benchmark.  Generating investment alpha is a component of portfolio construction, but it’s only one factor among a constellation of others that are important to our clients’ long-term success and happiness.  We take a comprehensive approach to planning and goals-based wealth management, founded on the principle that we exist to add and uncover value in the manner that best complements our clients’ financial objectives.  We believe meaningful alpha can be created by optimizing various aspects of a client’s financial life, which include:


  • Clarifying personal goals
  • Developing strategy
  • Managing risk
  • Minimizing costs
  • Reducing taxes
  • Maximizing employee benefits
  • Defining and establishing legacy
  • Preparing the next generations

Our process-driven approach centers on three components:

  • Bringing or maintaining order and clarity to your financial life
  • Allocating and investing your resources wisely
  • Connecting and collaborating to make sure you are progressing at the appropriate pace

We’re productivity nerds. We call our four-step process DEAR, repeating this cycle at least annually:

Defining your objectives

Evaluating your resources

Allocating wisely (investing in accordance with your values)

Reflecting on the journey and connecting to discuss and adjust as needed

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